Needing help?

So, you’re learning Spanish now… for any reason (your job, your spouse, a hobbie, etc.). But you feel overwhelmed with tons and tons of rules, verbs, conjugations, exceptions and the list never ends.

Spanish can seem to be hard to learn but I can asure you it is not. Like everything else in life, it’s a matter of practice and discipline.

Do you need a Spanish tutor? Do you want to become fluent in Spanish? Are you learning the Spanish language and need help? Do you need Spanish classes? Do you have problems with Spanish verbs? I’ve been helping people to learn Spanish for a couple of years now, so I think there’s a chance I could help you 😉


Ants: how do I get rid of them?

It’s 6am in the morning. I wake up and I’m thinking about having breakfast… a delicious breakfast. I go to the kitchen and what do I see?


No, it’s not that delicios breakfast! I see ants. Ants walking on my kitchen and trying to have breakfast… just like me.

I try to be respectful to all the living creatures but when it comes to cockroaches, mosquitoes and ants mmm… I can’t stand them.

What’s the most effective method to get rid of ants?

Communicative approach

When learning a language, most of the times we focus on grammar, drills, repetition and so on. We also look for perfection: no mistakes, perfect grammar.


For some students, learning a new language in that way can be boring and frustrating. We all make mistakes, especially when it comes to a foreing language.

The communicative approach uses real-life situations to ignite communication: students want to communicate in a meaningful way. Even though we may not sound as a native speaker, if we can understand people and they can understand us, we succeeded.

So, using this method we can be able to communicate in the foreign language from the very first lesson. Sounds good, right?

Learning languages

I recently read this article about learning another language. Swedish scientists say learning a second language can increase the size of your brain. That’s a good reason to learn a new language, don’t you think?


But in today’s global world it’s really useful to speak another language, either you want to watch a TV program in a foreign language or you want to do business with a company abroad. A second language really helps in many areas of your life…


Frank Smith once said “One language sets you in a corridor for life. Two languages open every door along the way”. I agree with Frank. Learning a second (third, fourth, etc.) language opens many other doors in your life.

You might think:

– “But we have Google translator. Why do I need to learn another language?”

Well, I guess an automated translation will never be as good as a human translation. What do you think?